, Eastern Asia=32.19, North America=18.93, Southeastern Asia=10.06, Southern Africa=7.81, Northern Asia=6.6, Southern Asia=5.92, Northern Europe=3.45

, South America=59.97, North America=15.93, Caribbean=11.91, Southern Europe=4.95, Southern

T. Br=18, , vol.35

, North America=69.31, South America=8.21, Northern Europe=6.81, Southern Africa=6.06, Western Europe=2, p.61

, Southern Europe=63.64, South America=36, p.36

*. , Worldwide distribution is reported for regions with more than 2% of a given SIT as compared to their total number in the SITVIT database

, Supplementary Table S2: Description of clusters containing 12 or more isolates in this study, and their worldwide distribution in the SITVIT database