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, Austral Africa=22.28, North America=10.9

, SIT2 (H2) 21 (2.6)

, South America=23.37, North America=17.62, Western Europe=9.7, Northern Europe=3.76, Eastern Europe=3.37, Central America=3.17, Southern Europe=2.97, North

, South America=54.55, Eastern Europe=7.27, Northern Asia=7.27, Western Europe=7.27, Southeastern Asia=7.27, Northern Europe=3.64, Western Asia=3.64, North America=3, p.64

, SIT4 (Unknown) 10 (1.2)

, Austral Africa=31.31, Southern Europe=19.19, South America=18.18, Western Europe=15.15, North America=6.06, West Indies=5.05

, SIT2541 (T1) 7 (0.9) AR=77.78