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, super-families (for OWM) and parvorders are labeled on the right-hand side of the figure. The 631 virus names are associated with their accession numbers. Viruses of Cercopithecidae comprise 632 those of the chacma

, baboons, the moustached guenon (CceCMV1 AY728178), the agile mangabey

, AY608713), the drill (MndCMV AF282941 and MndCMV AF387665 strain OCOM6-2 (21, 635 27)), the mandrill (MndCMV AY129399), the African green monkey, p.636, 117754.

. Cehv5-fj483969-strain-colburn, CeHV5 FJ483969 strain 2715, CaeCMV AF292066, p.637

, VervetCMV AY049066 strain CSG and CeHV3 AY049065 (21, 59)), the cynomolgus 638 (MfasCMV1 JN227533 strain Ottawa, MfasCMV1 AY728171 and MfasCMV KP796148 strain, p.639

. Mauritius, )) and rhesus (McHV3 AF033184 and McHV3 DQ120516 isolate CMV 180.92 640 (62, 63)) macaques and the mantled guereza (CgueCMV1.1 AY129397 and CgueCMV1, vol.60, p.641

, EU118147 (29)). Viruses of Hominidae comprise those of the Bornean orangutan

, AY129396), the human (HHV5 M14709 strain AD169, HHV5 NC_006273 strain Merlin, HHV5 643 AY315197 strain Towne and HHV5 AC146905 isolate Toledo, p.645

P. Heberling, 1 FJ538485 and PtroCMV AF292063 (26, 65)). Regarding viruses of New 646

, World monkeys, in addition to the ones describe in the present study, viruses of Cebidae 647 comprise those of the capuchin monkey, CebHV1 JQ264772 and CebusHV AF292067 from

/. Catarrhini and . Platyrrhini,

. Pitheciidae-/-atelidae+cebidae,

. Atelidae-/-cebidae, , vol.17, pp.29-53

. Atelinae-/-alouattinae, 65 -6.8) Within Cebidae 11, vol.54